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June 10th 2021 – August 31st 2021

Virtual Fly Casting Challenge 2021

When Covid hit in 2020 and all competitions, including the World Champioships where put on hold we ran the first version of the Virtual Fly Casting Challenge. Now in 2021 we are still in a state where national and international competitions for the most part are put off, so we decied to run the Virtual Fly Casting Challenge again!

In cooperation with the Swedish Casting Federation and the casting club ”Det Perfekta Kastet” (The Perfect Cast) we invite all fly casters to participate in ”The Virtual Fly Casting Challenge 2021” during June 10th – August 31. The competition will consist of 4 events:

  • Trout Distance single cast
  • Seatrout Distance single cast
  • Salmon Distance single cast
  • Trout Distance Pick Up And Lay Down (PUALD)

As far as equipment (lines weights, rod length etc.) goes we still enforce the  International Fly Casting Competition Rules but instead of using the timed rounds that the rules state, we will use a single, recorded, cast in each event. The reason for this is to make it easier for people casting alone, since this removes the need for having someone to help out with marking the length of each cast and acting as a wittness. Remember that for the Seatrout- and Salmon Distance events we use lines without laser marking, so it is up to each caster’s honesty to comply to the rules.


What you need and how it works

Before you head out to the casting grounds, make sure you have singed up for the competition using the ”Sign up form” link above.

You will need a measuring tape, a camera (mobile phone camera is enough) and an open field to cast on, as simple as that!

For each event, you will need to setup the camera and record your casting and when you have managed a cast you feel you want to submit in the competition, you need to walk back to the camera, continue filming and walk out along the measuring tape and show how far the cast went. For the Trout Distance events (single cast and pick up and lay down) we also want you to film the laser marking on the line. An example of a correctly filmed video for the Pick Up And Lay Down can be found here.

The video needs to be published somewhere online where it is publicly available, and the quality of the video needs to be good enough so that a viewer can determine that you are not over stepping and that the actual measurement of the cast is correctly performed.

When you are done with casting and your video is uploaded, use the link to the Google form for submission entries and send in your entry.

In the ”single cast” events, you are allowed as many false casts as you like, and in the PUALD event you are only allowed one single back cast.



Am I allowed to do as many casts I like while filming and afterwards cut the film to only show the one cast entered into the competition?

– Yes, this is allowed

Is it OK if I publish my video on Facebook instead of YouTube or any other video sharing service?

– Yes, as long as the video is available publicly and you can submit a link to the video you can use any video sharing service you like.

How many casts can I enter to each event?

– You can enter with as many casts as you like as long as they are performed between June 10th and August 31st. Only your best cast in each event is shown in the standings. Submission entry will close on August 31st 2021 at 22.00 CET.

Where can I see the current standings?

– The current standings are further down on this page and are updated with up to a few minutes delay from when you submit your result.


In cooperation with the Swedish Casting Club ”Det Perfekta Kastet” (translates to ”The Perfect Cast”) and thanks to donations we are able to offer a prize pool of 3 cash prizes:

  • 1200€
  • 500€
  • 300€

The winners will be drawn from all contestants that sign up to the competition, and to quality for the draw you must enter at least one valid event submission.

After the event submissions are closed (on August 31st 2021) we will record the draw and post it on YouTube. The winners will be announced on September 7, 2021 here on this page. The winners will also be contacted by representatives to arrange for the payout of the winnings.

The draw will be performed by representatives from the Swedish Casting Federation.

Men – Standings

Trout Distance

1Fredrik Waldenström 45.2Link
2Bernt Johansson44.9Link
3Lasse Karlsson 39.3Link

Seatrout Distance

1Lasse Karlsson 57.2Link
2Bernt Johansson55.5Link

Salmon Distance


Pick Up And Lay Down

1Bernt Johansson42.7Link
2Fredrik Waldenström 42.2Link
3Lasse Karlsson 37Link

Women – Standings

Trout Distance


Seatrout Distance


Salmon Distance


Pick Up And Lay Down